Lewis Hamilton wants to watch Game of Thrones in his car during Italian GP

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Lewis Hamilton expects a DRS train to form at the Italian Grand Prix, so he jokes he wants to binge-watch Game of Thrones during the race, on an iPad inside his car.

Lewis Hamilton will start the Italian Grand Prix from the back of the grid, most likely P19, due to an engine-related grid penalty.

After qualifying, the Briton joked he wants to watch Game of Thrones (House of the Dragon) while driving, because he expects to be stuck in a DRS train.

“I was thinking of just taking my iPad with me in the race and when I’m in the DRS line just watch – there’s a new Game of Thrones out,” Lewis said.

“I’ve stopped watching it because I like to binge-watch. There are lots of adverts in the middle and then you’re at the end and are like ‘I want to watch the next thing’.”

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Lewis added he experienced what it’s like to drive behind someone at Monza, during Friday’s free practice sessions.

“I was behind Valtteri [Bottas] in practice and I couldn’t catch him nor pass him. I hope I don’t get stuck tomorrow, but I’m imagining tomorrow that everyone is going to be stuck in a DRS train.

“And it’s just going to be sitting there and waiting for the strategy, tyre degradation and those sorts of things to come into play,” Hamilton concluded.

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