Lewis Hamilton: “We’re just not very fast”

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Lewis Hamilton says the porpoising wasn’t “that much” of a problem at the Australian Grand Prix, but the car still wasn’t “very fast”.

Mercedes has been struggling with porpoising since the 2022 Bahrain pre-season test. What the team is hoping for at the moment is that, once the porpoising has been dealt with, the performance of the W13 will be unlocked.

However, Lewis Hamilton reveals that the issue wasn’t as pronounced during the Australian Grand Prix.

“The only think you can do is come off the gas, I guess, and just drive slower,” the Briton explained.

“But when the car is going up and down, the car’s bouncing, and if you’re turning in at 200 miles an hour and the car’s loaded and unloaded, loaded and unloaded, you can imagine that would have to be quite unstable.

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“So that’s just what we’re faced with. But we didn’t have that problem in the race. It wasn’t really that much at all in the race.

“We’re just not very fast,” concluded Hamiton.

The main problem with porpoising is that Mercedes is not able to run their car as close to the ground as they had planned, because that would make the bouncing worse.

This unfortunately reduces downforce, making the car slower through the corners. It remains to be seen if the team can join the fight at the top once this issue is solved.

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