Lewis Hamilton: “We’ve had to take a step back and switch gears”

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Lewis Hamilton says Ferrari’s and Red Bull’s cars will “probably just continue to evolve”, while Mercedes had to “switch gears and go in a different direction”.

Mercedes has been struggling with its car’s performance for most of 2022. In an interview with Sky Sports F1’s Naomi Schiff, Lewis Hamilton said he has absolute confidence in the team to turn the situation around.

“From being here for such a long time, knowing how long it takes to change things, knowing how long the processes are, the decisions have to be actioned months in advance of the direction that you’re going,” the Briton said.

“You’re continuously collating data and getting different bits of information that can alter those along the way.

“One thing is that I have 1,000 per cent confidence in my team. I would say just with how the rules are, I know it can be tough for everybody.

“Everyone is going to have to dig even deeper during these next six months, and it’s not going to be easy, but I feel like everyone’s up to the challenge, up to the task.”

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However, while top runners Red Bull and Ferrari can continue on with their 2022 development direction, Mercedes had to rethink their design philosophy.

“If you look at Red Bull, they’ve got a car that’s amazing. They’ve done an incredible job this year as a whole, every single individual there.

“So, their car will probably just continue to evolve, as probably will Ferrari’s, although they’ve got some teething problems.

“Whereas we’ve had to take a step back and switch gears and go in a different direction and hope that we’re on that right path to be able to get back engaged,” Hamilton concluded.

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