Lewis Hamilton: “When you fail you get up and try again”

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Lewis Hamilton admits he made a mistake which led to a crash into the barrier at the Singapore Grand Prix, but says he’ll “recover”.

Lewis Hamilton had a difficult day at the Singapore Grand Prix. First he got stuck behind a slower Carlos Sainz for a large chunk of the race, and later he made a mistake which almost caused a DNF.

As he was getting closer to Sainz, Lewis made a mistake and crashed into the TecPro barrier. Thankfully he was able to continue, and after his front wing was replaced, he managed to finish the race in P9.

When it was put to him that P9 was probably not a reflection of a positive weekend for Mercedes, Lewis said:

“No, definitely not. We started off with it being a pretty decent weekend and it was really unfortunate at the end.

“I was trying, it was difficult to overtake, and that lock-up into turn seven – aaagh. When those things happen, your heart sinks a little.

“I knew it was all over from then but these things happen. I’m not going to punish myself for a mistake.

“You get back up again, you try. I tried to get past Seb [Sebastian Vettel], but it was slippy and wet on the inside.

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“When you fail you get up and try again. It wasn’t the greatest day but I’ll make the most of tomorrow.”

Lewis then explained how frustrating it was to be stuck behind Sainz.

“Difficult start and then getting stuck behind Carlos, I don’t know why he was so slow. Obviously, I was not quick enough to get past him in these conditions, but then just sitting behind him…

“I think I could have done similar times to the guys ahead but being stuck behind him, I couldn’t. If I’d been third I could have kept up with the guys ahead.”

Asked if a podium was possible had he not made his mistake, Lewis said:

“It was a battle as to who would get on the slicks first. It would have been slice and dice, I was hoping for that, that’s what I was working towards, but then it all went out the frickin’ window when I locked up.

“My apologies to the team but we live and we move on, and I’ll recover,” Hamilton concluded.

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