Lewis Hamilton will seek help from Angela Cullen for his leg cramp

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Lewis Hamilton says he will seek “medical attention” for the cramp he felt in his leg during the Portuguese Grand Prix. Max Verstappen chimes in.

In his post-race interview Lewis Hamilton said he had a ‘cramp in his right calf’ in the closing stages of the Portuguese Grand Prix. At the post-race press conference he was asked to give more details about it.

“I was asking the other guys if they’d experienced anything like it,” said the Briton.

“I generally didn’t drink a lot today and I remember getting into the car thinking I’m probably going to be dehydrated and I just didn’t… I never drink in the race, never.

“And anyways, I started having small cramp… it’s a very physical circuit but your throttle pedal, there’s lots of bumps, undulations, you’re applying the throttle pretty aggressively for pretty much every lap all the way and you never really get to rest.

“I was coming out of the last corner, coming round turn 15 onto the straight and I got the feeling that it was about to pull, like you’re pulling a muscle, and it popped and it hurt so much, I had to lift and I didn’t really know what to do, because every time I applied it the pain was there.

“But of course I can’t stay off the gas, I’ve got to keep going, so it’s just mind over matter, so I just had to keep pushing. It was pretty excruciating for a couple of laps, but then it started to kind of….

“I don’t know whether blood starts rushing to it and the adrenalin takes over but I’ve definitely got a bit of a knot in my knee, my calf.”

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Hamilton then said he will seek help for the condition from his physiotherapist and assistant Angela Cullen. Angela can be seen next to Lewis during most grands prix and is often the first person to congratulate him after each race.

“Yeah, I will seek medical attention afterwards,” said Hamilton.

“Angela is a real physio. A lot of trainers here claim they are real physios but they are not; most of them aren’t physios. Angela’s got…”

At that moment Hamilton was cut off by Max Verstappen, who had a few humorous, but complimentary words about Angela.

“She’s got strong hands,” said the Dutch driver.

“She’s quite… she treated me once, it was not so lovely. Well, it was good but not so very enjoyable initially.”

“No, it’s not,” added Hamilton.

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