Lewis Hamilton’s back was “a real mess” throughout the weekend.

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Lewis Hamilton has warned about the health risks of incessant bouncing felt at the Baku track, even before his back was ‘messed up’ in the race.

After the Azerbaijan Grand Prix free practice sessions, Lewis Hamilton already warned about the problems he was feeling due to heavy bouncing.

“Nothing we seem to do, like we have changed so many things, but we just can’t seem to [stop the bouncing],” the Briton said.

“It is crazy because in Barcelona we didn’t have any and then everywhere else we’ve had it. It is a phenomenon we just cannot get our heads around.

“It is the same thing underneath the car that keeps on coming back. Honestly, on Friday we had so much bottoming I could not finish my long runs because my back was in a real mess.

“Thank god for Angela [Cullen], who gave me physio and acupuncture and I was still in quite a bit of pain on Saturday morning.

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“Now we don’t have it as bad at the end of the straight but it is the corners where you are trying to keep it out of the wall.

“But I am hoping on heavy fuel it will be better,” Lewis concluded.

Unfortunately, it did not get better in the race, as he could be heard complaining about his back hurting, and later he had trouble getting out of his car.

The problem was so pronounced that team boss Toto Wolff even said Lewis could miss the next race in Canada.

Later, in his social media post, Lewis indicated that he is planning on racing, but there are reports coming out that Mercedes has their reserve drivers on standby.

We will report on this situation as more information becomes available.

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