Lewis Hamilton’s father thinks F1 shouldn’t return yet

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Anthony Hamilton says he would feel “extremely disingenuous” if he would celebrate his son’s successes while people are still dying from the coronavirus.

Formula 1 is definitely returning on July 5 in Austria, after a long break due to the coronavirus crisis. However, Lewis Hamilton‘s father Anthony thinks it might be too soon.

“We should have the patience and respect to say let’s wait till the number of new coronavirus cases is down to zero so the key workers can go home, relax and they too can enjoy watching sport,” said Hamilton.

“I understand that we have to get back to business as soon as possible, but it should be as safe as possible and essential business only.

“Motorsport is a global sport with a global fan base. Now is not the time to be turning our backs on those who cannot take part, or come and watch. Now is the time for us to wait, be patient and support.

“If we don’t have fans, we don’t have a sport and right now our fans are fighting on the frontline saving the lives of our fans.

“Although with each day things are improving and the number of virus-related deaths is falling, the enemy is not yet defeated. This is still a very clear and ever present threat to our lives and society so what is this rush back to motorsport?”

The elder Hamilton goes one step further saying how he wouldn’t feel good if he was to celebrate his son’t successes, while people are still getting sick and dying.

“It would make me feel extremely disingenuous to celebrate watching Lewis racing, or celebrating on the podium. I wouldn’t particularly want to be watching the TV and cheering while thousands of people are dying from a virus.

“One day it may be us who need saving. What would we think then about a rush back to sport? Life and sport are important and are for everyone so we should be respecting this a bit more by being patient.

“The good days will return, but rushing back will only make it worse,” concluded Hamilton.

Source: ITV News

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