Lewis Hamilton’s Team X44 wins Extreme E Sustainability Award

Source: Team X44 Twitter

Although Lewis Hamilton‘s Team X44 finished second in the 2021 Extreme E championship, they won the inaugural Sustainability Award!

In 2021 Extreme E launched the ‘Count Us In Challenge’ that asked fans to take practical steps to fight climate change, steps like using sustainable modes of transports, not using single-use plastics etc.

The steps they took were attributed to the teams they were rooting for, and Lewis’ team won! X44 earned 792 steps, Jenson Button’s JBXE team was in second place with 749 steps and Nico Rosberg’s RXR team finished third with 422 steps.

Ultimately 1,231 fans pledged to take 3,207 steps which was calculated to save 1,241,223kg of carbon dioxide.

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“I was very happy to learn that X44 won the Extreme E Sustainability Award for 2021,” X44 driver Sébastian Loeb said.

“I joined the team hoping to discover more about the environment while doing what I love, and I have learned so much from the series and the different places we visited – in fact I even bought my first electric car last year!

“To know that our fans have come on this journey with us and are making their own commitment to have a positive impact on the planet is inspiring and I feel good about what we can achieve when we work together,” he concluded.

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