“Lots of improvements” and some “issues” with Mercedes’ 2020 engine

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Mercedes High Performance Powertrains boss Andy Cowell gives an update on Mercedes’ 2020 engine development.

In a video posted earlier today, Mercedes’ engine boss Andy Cowell revealed the 2020 power unit development is going well, but there are a few challenges.

“There’s lots going on in Brixworth and lots of improvements across the whole power unit, on the ERS side and on the internal combustion (ICE) side,” said Cowell.

“As ever we are fighting a few little issues as we pull everything together, so there’s lots of work going into building the right spec, giving it long run and then providing power units to the team so they can fire up the cars.

“Then it’s about getting the hardware ready to go track testing and with the car launch on February 14, and then off to Barcelona with three cars  [Mercedes, Racing Point and Williams] hopefully pounding around the track for the six days of testing before we are off to testing.

“For the race pool, a huge amount of parts have already been made and the assembly is going together.

“So, a busy time chasing bits of performance, getting the reliability there and getting a huge amount of hardware together and getting it to the other side of the world,” concluded Cowell.

You can watch the video below.

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