Mario Andretti believes Hamilton can become “the all-time winningest”

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Former F1 champion Mario Andretti says he has always been a fan of Lewis Hamilton and believes the Briton can beat Michael Schumacher’s record.

Once the 2020 season gets underway Lewis Hamilton will have an opportunity to match Michael Schumacher’s record of seven Formula 1 world titles. Motorsport legend Mario Andretti believes the Briton could go even beyond that.

“Well, when you look at Formula 1, obviously [Hamilton’s] record speaks for itself,” said Andretti.

“He’s young enough that he can probably become the all-time winningest. It’s a record that I never thought anyone would come close to, a record that’s owned by Michael Schumacher, of course.

“Lewis has always had competitive cars. I don’t remember in his Formula 1 career whether, if at any time, he was with a non-winning potential car.

“He did his job and he keeps doing it, so I’m all in. Obviously I’ve always been a fan of his and he’s, I’m sure, the envy of many other drivers.

“He has the equipment and he’s making the most of it and that’s what a driver’s supposed to do,” concluded Andretti.

Source: Yahoo Sport

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