Martin Brundle says Mercedes is “an unstoppable steamroller”

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Former F1 driver Martin Brundle talks about Mercedes’ incredible achievements and Lewis Hamilton sharing a “shoey” with Daniel Ricciardo.

In his Sky Sports F1 column Martin Brundle shared his thoughts on Mercedes winning its seventh consecutive constructors’ title and breaking Ferrari’s record.

“Congratulations to the Mercedes team for a record-breaking seventh straight constructors’ title,” wrote the Briton.

“With more championship victories very likely to follow they are surely top contenders for the best team in the history of F1.

“Of course, Lotus, Williams, Ferrari, McLaren and Red Bull among others have dominated multiple seasons, but this current group form an unstoppable steamroller. They have a great budget but so do Ferrari, and others have sufficient resources to get the job done too.

“The hybrid era since 2014 (in my view F1’s greatest misjudgement because the cars have become too complex, heavy, quiet and insanely expensive) has played into their hands because they rocked up with a power unit leagues ahead of their key rivals.

“But for seven seasons they have nurtured and developed that head-start such that they’ve simply smashed the opposition in every metric. They are a calm, focused, mature and an extremely well-oiled and funded machine. They have all the bases covered.”

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Brundle then went on to give his thoughts on Lewis Hamilton sharing a “shoey” with Daniel Ricciardo during the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix podium ceremony.

“Daniel Ricciardo was surprised that Lewis Hamilton agreed to share a shoey with him during the podium celebrations.

“When I did the podium interviews (seems like a long time ago since we were welcome anywhere near a driver) one day in Baku and tasted the ‘shoey champagne’ Lewis said to me ‘why drink that along with toe jam?’ which made me feel queasy.”

And finally the Briton also mentions Lewis Hamilton saying him remaining on the grid in 2021 is not a certainty.

“Meanwhile Hamilton continues to tease and torment with comments such as ‘it’s not certain I’ll be on the grid next year’, when of course he will be,” concluded the Briton.

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