Mathias Lauda says Lewis was “in his own class” in Brazil

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Niki Lauda’s son Mathias praises Lewis Hamilton’s Brazilian Grand Prix performance and says the Briton was “literally driving in his own world”.

Mathias Lauda has strongly praised Lewis Hamilton’s recent performances, especially his driving at the Brazilian Grand Prix, when he went from last on the grid to P5 in the Sprint Race, and then from P10 to P1 in the main race.

“We saw that in the race in Brazil,” Lauda said.

“The way Lewis overtook so extremely in the first few laps is something I’ve never seen from him. He was literally driving in his own world. He was in his own class in qualifying as well.

“Now Red Bull Racing will have to give everything.”

Lauda adds that Mercedes and Red Bull are doing everything to be at the top of their game for the final two races of the season.

“At this point in the season, people have mastered aerodynamics. Red Bull Racing just had a few problems on Friday in Qatar.

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“Both teams are now getting everything out of the car and trying to improve it further, but I’m sure it will be fair.”

However, the battle has also spilled off the track with appeals being threatened and a fierce war of words between team bosses Toto Wolff and Christian Horner.

Lauda, whose father Niki worked closely with Wolff at Mercedes, says Hamilton and Verstappen, at this point, are more mature than their team bosses.

“This has happened before in Formula 1, in an equally fierce duel, namely with Prost against Senna.

“I think the drivers behave more maturely than the team bosses. With Max and Lewis, there were never any serious problems all season, even after the incident at Silverstone.

“Actually, the team bosses are childish,” Lauda concluded.

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