Max Verstappen blasts the behaviour of ‘the Orange Army’ in Austria

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Amid reports of sexist, racial and homophobic abuse at the Red Bull Ring, Max Verstappen says there should be “a general understanding that these things shouldn’t happen”.

Since Friday social media has been flooded with horror stories of fans receiving racist, sexist and homophobic abuse at the Red Bull Ring, from the crowd which was mostly made up of Max Verstappen and Red Bull fans.

Mercedes even welcomed into their garage a female fan who has been sexually harassed due to being a fan of Lewis Hamilton.

After the Austrian Grand Prix, Verstappen was asked to comment on these reports.

Yeah, of course it’s not good,” Verstappen said.

“All the things that happen anywhere. These things shouldn’t happen. I read a few things, a few shocking things.

“So yeah, that’s clearly not OK. And I mean, I shouldn’t even need to say this. I think this should be a general understanding that these things shouldn’t happen.

“A normal human being, I think, should think like that and should behave like that.”

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Asked what he thinks should be done to stop this behaviour, the Dutch driver said:

Like they said, I think one thing can be improved, maybe with security around places, you know, to keep people more in check, supervisors.

“And also don’t forget, it’s not an excuse, but of course, they watch the races and then they go back and party and have fun and drink alcohol.

“And sometimes when you drink alcohol, you can do stupid things. I don’t say this as an excuse but also these things can be regulated.

“There’s a certain amount of alcohol maybe until it’s time to maybe go to bed and wake up again next morning and be sober, because if you start to go really crazy, you can do also stupid things,” Max concluded.

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