Max Verstappen explains his boycott of “disrespectful” Sky Sports

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At the Mexican Grand Prix, Max Verstappen decided to boycott Sky Sports because he got offended by Ted Kravitz’s claim that Lewis Hamilton was “robbed”. He explains why he decided to boycott the broadcaster.

On Saturday reports started coming in saying that Max Verstappen is refusing to talk to Sky Sports and its affiliated channels, after long-time reporter Ted Kravitz said Lewis Hamilton has been “robbed” of the 2021 title.

Since December of last year, Kravitz has been very outspoken about the unfairness of the controversial decisions made at the 2021 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, which prevented Hamilton from winning his eighth world title.

The exact comment that has ‘broken the camel’s back’ for Verstappen was made after the 2022 United States Grand Prix, and you can read it in full here.

After the Mexican Grand Prix, Verstappen was asked why he decided to boycott the broadcaster.

“It had nothing to do with this weekend, but this year it’s been a constant kind of like digging, being disrespectful, especially one particular person,” the Dutch driver said..

“And at one point it is enough, I don’t accept it. You can’t live in the past, you just have to move on.

“At the moment social media is a very toxic place and if you are constantly being like that live on TV, you make it constantly worse, instead of trying to make it better in the world.

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“You keep disrespecting me and at one point I’m not tolerating it anymore. So that’s why I decided to stop answering.”

Verstappen then turned to what he perceives to be negative comments on social media.

“I think it’s just the sport is more popular, so there are more people watching, so more people are writing.

“I think it’s just that. It’s not great that they are allowed to write these kinds of things.

“I hope we can kind of come up with an algorithm that stops people being keyboard warriors, because these kinds of people would never come up to you and say these kind of things in front of your face.

“It’s because they are sitting in front of their desk or whatever at home, being upset, being frustrated and they can write whatever they like because the platform allows them to.

“That can be really damaging and hurtful to some people and it’s not how it should be,” the Dutchman concluded.

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