Mercedes confirms they are bringing upgrades to Silverstone

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Mercedes’ Technical Director Mike Elliott says the team will try to “get some pace from the car we’ve got”, as well as “the new bits we are going to add to it”.

In Mercedes’ Canadian Grand Prix debrief video, Mike Elliott announced the team is preparing car upgrades for the British Grand Prix.

“One thing you can be sure of is we will push as hard as we can,” Elliott said.

“We will be bringing new bits to Silverstone, we will be trying to push the car forward, trying to get some pace from the car we’ve got or from the package we’ve got, as well as the new bits we are going to add to it.

“I think at the same time though we have to be honest with ourselves and say that at the moment we are just a little bit behind those front runners in Ferrari and Red Bull. And in a normal race I think it is going to be tough.”

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The Briton also says he believes the Silverstone circuit should suit Mercedes’ car.

“I think Silverstone will be a circuit that suits us a little bit better, like Barcelona did, but maybe it will be just a little bit difficult. Whatever happens we will push as hard as we can.

“Our drivers will push as hard as we can because we want to get back to winning. We want to win for the team, we definitely want to win and we want to win for you, the fans.

“So let’s see what happens,” Elliott concluded.

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