Mercedes details 2022 Miami Grand Prix W13 updates

© Finn Pomeroy for Mercedes-Benz Grand Prix Ltd.

Mercedes has announced and explained the car updates they have introduced for the Miami Grand Prix, as they continue to seek the solution to their porpoising issues.

Mercedes has introduced several updates for their 2022 car ahead of the Miami Grand Prix. Taking into account the long straights at the new Miami track, the team has fitted the W13 with a smaller rear wing mainplane and a smaller chord beam wing flag.

They explained the change by saying:

“This rear wing configuration provides reduced downforce and reduced drag based on circuit simulations.

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“This is likely to be preferred over our higher downforce option, which has been used at the first four races of the season.

“The new beam wing is paired with the new rear wing configuration, and also generates reduced downforce and lower drag as part of the lower drag aero package for Miami.”

Mercedes has also introduced a modified front wing endplate, which has smaller chord vertical tip elements.

“The new design improves front wing efficiency by reducing the pressure difference between the top and bottom surfaces at the wing tip,” the team added.

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