Mercedes explains how they’re looking to improve their engine

© Jiri Krenek for Mercedes-Benz Grand Prix Ltd.

Some observers have noted that Mercedes doesn’t seem to have the fastest engine anymore in 2022. The team explains how they’re looking to improve it.

Mercedes’ Trackside Engineering Director Andrew Shovlin explains what his team is looking at to improve Mercedes’ power unit, even though it’s been homologated now.

“Well, we’re constantly doing analysis on that,” the Briton said.

“There are areas that we think we can improve in terms of managing the deployment. However, it’s a homologated unit now, so you can only do things for reliability.

“[But] that doesn’t stop us looking at what we can do within the modes and how we can use those better, whether there is anything more we can gain in how we’re deploying the modes that are available.”

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Shovlin then explained how the team has to seek improvement in every single area of the car.

“But we’re not quick enough and, when you’re not quick enough, you look at all areas for improvement.

“So the remit of the power unit people is to focus on that and look at any fine-tuning that we can do to find gains.

“And, on the chassis side, we’ve got a lot of different projects at the moment to try and move forward,” he concluded.

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