Mercedes explains Lewis Hamilton’s health issue in Hungary

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Mercedes Technical Director Mike Elliott gives an update on Lewis Hamilton‘s condition and explains what led to his health issue at the Hungarian Grand Prix.

During the Hungarian Grand Prix post-race interviews and the podium celebration Lewis Hamilton was visibly unwell.

He was later checked by Mercedes’ team doctor, and ultimately he felt well enough to join the post-race press conference.

Now, a few days after the race, Mercedes’ Mike Elliott provides a further update on his condition.

“I saw him about an hour after that and he was definitely a chunk better and I know he has recovered since then,” Elliott said in Mercedes’ race debrief video.

“I think if you have never been near these cars, it is really difficult to understand the environment the drivers are in.

“The air that is going by the car, actually because the car is so close to the ground, it is actually closer to the ground temperature than it is to the air temperature.

“So, during that race, I suspect that was sort of 40, 50-degree air, it was humid, the drivers are also sitting in an environment where there are electrical boxes around him, hydraulics with power steering, a hot environment and that was one tough race.”

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Elliott goes on to explain how the extreme pressure Hamilton felt during his fight-back through the field also contributed to his fatigue.

“Lewis was really pushing on that two-stop, some of the overtakes he was doing were absolutely brilliant.

“That takes a lot of energy out of you in that really hot environment. The average person like you and me, we wouldn’t survive five minutes in there, let alone a whole race.

“So, it was unsurprising that Lewis was tired at the end of that, but as he said to the media I think he also wonders whether that is some of the feeling of having had Covid. So, hopefully, he will make a good recovery.

“He is now going to have a break over the shutdown and I am sure he will come back really strong for the second half of the season,” concluded Mercedes’ technical boss.

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