Mercedes has been allowed extra time in the wind tunnel

© Steve Etherington for Mercedes-Benz Grand Prix Ltd.

Mercedes is one of the four teams that have been allowed more time in the wind tunnel than in 2020, because they are lower in the standings than they were last season.

Formula 1’s aerodynamic testing regulations allow teams 40 wind tunnel runs in a week, but that changes based on their Constructors’ Championship standings.

This means the lower the team is in the standings, they get more wind tunnel time, and conversely, the higher they are, the less time they get.

More specifically, each place lost in the standings provides a team with a 2.5% increase in time allowed in the wind tunnel and vice versa.

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The teams that will be allowed more time to develop their aero package are Mercedes, Alpine, Aston Martin and Haas, while Red Bull, Ferrari, AlphaTauri and Williams will have less time. McLaren and Alfa Romeo remain in the same spot they occupied last year, so their time remains the same.

With Red Bull gaining a place and Mercedes losing a place, the difference in wind tunnel testing time between the two teams will be 5%.

This is certainly good news for Mercedes, as they try to close the gap to the Austrian team.

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