Mercedes has to pay the highest-ever F1 entry fee for 2020

© Mercedes-Benz AG

Mercedes is required to pay the highest-ever amount to enter the F1 championship in 2020, after the FIA increased the point-based fee system.

The FIA requires teams to pay a fixed amount plus extra for each point scored in the previous season. In 2020 the FIA increased the per-point rate, so Mercedes will have to pay a highest fee ever, even though they scored fewer points that, for example, in 2016.

The basic entry fee is set at $556,509 plus $6,677 per point for the previous year’s constructors’ champion and $5,563 per point for everyone else.  This brings Mercedes’ entry fee to $5,490,812 in total.

For comparison the runner-up in the 2019 championship, Ferrari, is required to pay $3,360,261, while the last placed Williams has to pay $562,072.


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