Mercedes: “Hopefully, we’ve brought enough that we’ll be out in front”

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Mercedes’ Technical Director Mike Elliott talks about the team’s 2022 car development and says “who knows what’s gonna turn up” with “a brand new set of regulations”.

In 2021 Mercedes faced a difficult task of balancing the development of their current car and their new 2022 challenger. Mike Elliott explains it was not an easy task.

“One of the biggest difficulties with developing this car has been about how much resource we could put into it,” the Briton said in Mercedes’ YouTube video.

“Last year, we were fighting for a championship and we needed to make sure that we did a good job with that, and we also did a good job with this year’s car – that was a big challenge.

“Particularly now the regulations are such that we’ve got a cost cap, [and] we’ve also got very limited runs in the wind tunnel.

“So we had to choose really carefully what resource we spent on the ’21 car versus what resource we spent on the ’22 car.

“I’m really looking forward to seeing how the car goes.”

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However, he says the team is hoping they will manage to keep their position at the top of the field.

“In a normal year, you’ve got a pretty good idea of what you need to find over the winter. With a brand new set of regulations, who knows what’s gonna turn up?

“Who knows what the competition will have brought? Hopefully, we’ve brought enough that we’ll be out in front.”

Ultimately, Elliott hopes the new regulations will make it more interesting for the fans.

“I think for us as engineers, it’s about the engineering challenge and [thinking] ‘What can we bring? How can we compete with our opposition?’

“I guess standing back as a fan and looking from the outside in, what we want is great racing. We want to entertain the fans, we want them to enjoy what they see.

“And, hopefully, this new set of regulations brings about some really good racing,” the Briton concluded.

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