Mercedes introduces more updates in Miami, Wolff comments

© LAT Images for Mercedes-Benz Grand Prix Ltd

Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff says “there will be tweaks on the car this weekend where we think we can get more direction”.

Auto Motor und Sport reports there have been several updates spotted on the Mercedes W13 in Miami.

Some modification could be observed on the top flap of the front wing as it appears to have an extra wave, while the rear wing is now straight, instead of wavy, as it was before. In addition, a new underwing was also added in the rear wing.

At the launch of Mercedes’ first-ever IWC team watch, Toto Wolff gave his comments on the team’s developments.

“We’re trying to find a solution that not only fixes the bouncing…” the Austrian said.

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“Because you can patch up the floor and make it stiffer and lose downforce, but at least make the car more stable. And that’s not the direction we are going in.

“Unfortunately with no testing, every race weekend is a little bit of a live experiment. You can’t replicate the bouncing that we see on track in a wind tunnel, and therefore it’s like the old days – a little bit of trial and error. What does it actually do in real life?

“And therefore so far we are looking at a few directions where we believe it could help us to solve the problem long-term without losing the goodness of the downforce by just lifting it up or patching the floor up.

“So there will be tweaks on the car this weekend where we think we can get more direction. But the performance of the car, we will not unlock it from one race weekend to another,” Wolff concluded.

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