Mercedes’ James Allison thinks F1 should get rid of blue flags

© LAT Images for Mercedes-Benz Grand Prix Ltd

Mercedes Technical Director James Allison says he would like Formula 1 to get rid of blue flags that tell drivers to move over when they are being lapped.

It’s kind of strange that a person representing a top team (i.e. a team that usually laps drivers) would want to get rid of a mechanism that allows them to easily pass drivers that are being lapped. However Allison thinks this would make the races more exciting.

“I would like to make one change in the sporting regulations,” said Allison in a YouTube video.

“Everyone around me would probably hate me for this. I know Toto would definitely not support it but I would say do away completely with the blue flags.”

“It would make the races an absolute nightmare for a fast car because as we came up to lap people they wouldn’t get out of our way.

“We would have to fight our way through them and that would make every race interesting all the way through the race.

“It would also mean that teams would have to forge alliances with one another and you would have to be very very nervous of teams you’d fallen out with which would make it, politically, incredibly intriguing as well.

“Such a change would be disastrous for us, but probably really really interesting in the long term for the sport,” concluded the Briton.

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