Mercedes’ Mike Elliott comments on the W13’s slim sidepod design

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Mercedes’ Technical Director Mike Elliott comments on the differences is sidepod designs between Formula 1 teams in 2022.

When the 2022 Formula 1 cars were unveiled, there were some very noticeable differences between the designs the teams went for.

One of the bigger differences can be observed in the sidepod profiles. While some teams opted for a wider profile, Mercedes’ opted for the slimmest design out there.

The team’s Technical Director Mike Elliot gives his comments.

“I guess there are different concepts,” the Briton said.

“In terms of what is happening with these regulations, we completely change the way of managing the wheel wake.

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“That was done to make it better for overtaking, that we couldn’t over-optimise and control the tyre flows, and then for that to break down behind another car.

“And different teams have taken different approaches to that: some teams have gone for these big wide bodywork, trying to control the tyre wake that way.

“We’ve gone for a narrower solution, and we’ve packaged the car to be able to do that.

“The reality is the cars will evolve a lot between now and race one and you will see different solutions come along.

“In terms of the details of what the aerodynamics are doing, it is probably all to do with controlling that front tyre wake,” Elliott concluded.

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