Mercedes on progressing the W13 “into a championship winner”

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Mercedes’ James Vowles explains the team is currently working on “understanding of what we need to do going forward into Imola”, to eventually “progress the car into a championship winner”.

In Mercedes’ Australian Grand Prix debrief, Motorsport Strategy Director James Vowles explained there is a lot of work being done at the team’s factories in Brackley and Brixworth in order to ensure they get back in the championship fight.

“I think often people see the race team on TV and think that’s the entire team,” Vowles said.

“It’s not. We are fortunate to have a base in Brackley, and in Brixworth, with hundreds of people working every hour they possibly can to make this racing car fast, competitive and a championship winner.

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“The work that goes on between races is enormous. There is a turnaround of components, there are upgrades, there is an understanding of problems that we have and how do we move the performance forward both on the PU side and also on the chassis side.”

The Briton then went on to describe what the team is doing now ahead of the next race in Imola.

“I suspect you will see an evolution of our competitors. We need to make sure we, at the very minimum, keep up with that.

“So, the work that takes place now is a review of what has happened in Melbourne and an understanding of what we need to do going forward into Imola, and progress the car into a championship winner,” Vowles concluded.

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