Mercedes reportedly against FIA’s reverse-grid qualifying races proposal

© LAT Images for Mercedes-Benz Grand Prix Ltd reports that Mercedes is opposed to FIA’s proposal of introducing reverse-grid qualifying races when F1 returns.

The idea was thought up in an effort to make double-header weekends at the same venue more interesting. The definitive version of the proposal is still being worked on, but in short, the idea is to have a 30-minute qualifying race instead of regular qualifying on the second weekend, with the starting order based on the current championship order.

To accept this all 10 teams need to agree, before the rule change gets approved by the FIA World Motor Sport Council. The vote is planned for this week, however reports Mercedes is strongly opposed to the idea.

Mercedes is understood to be against bringing in “gimmicks” to increase the “attractiveness” of the races. Some will undoubtedly say this is just Mercedes protecting its competitive advantage, but the team has already proven it willing to put itself at a disadvantage for the good of the sport by accepting the new rule that limits time in the wind tunnel for top teams.

We here at SilverArrows.Net firmly believe that the integrity of the sport shouldn’t be sacrificed in an effort to make it more “attractive” for the audience. Any type of reverse-grid racing is unfairly penalizing those who are successful and devaluing the position of race winner.


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