Mercedes reveals 2024 Miami Grand Prix upgrades for the W15

© Stephen Reuss for Mercedes-Benz Grand Prix ltd.

Mercedes lists and explains upgrades for the W15 that the team has introduced ahead of the 2024 Miami Grand Prix.

Floor Body – Performance – Local Load. Changes to floor roof volume and floor edge detail (more vanes added to the floor edge wing). Floor roof changes increase local floor load and also improve flow to the rear of the car and diffuser. Floor edge changes drop the pressure locally, in turn increasing fwd floor load.

Cooling Louvres – Circuit specific – Cooling Range. More cooling louvres added to engine cover panel. More louvres to increase exit area and allow more mass flow through the sidepods, increasing the cooling range for Miami.

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Front Wing – Circuit specific – Balance Range. Reduce chord front wing flap. Reducing the flap chord reduces front wing load, allowing us to run and balance and a smaller (low drag) rear wing.

Front Suspension – Performance – Flow Conditioning. Small tweak to track rod angle of attack. Realignment of the track rod faring to the local flow, reducing the local pressure peak and improve flow to the rear of the car.

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