Mercedes reveals an area where they made gains throughout 2022

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Mercedes HPP managing director Hywel Thomas says the team realized early on in 2022 that “we were going to have to make small gains every weekend”.

In Mercedes’ 2022 review video, Mercedes-AMG High Performance Powertrains Managind Director Hywel Thomas revealed an area where the team was able to make “small gains” with the W13 “every weekend”.

“On the power unit side, we were trying to add performance throughout the season by small gains at pretty much every event,” Thomas said.

“When we came back from [the first race] in Bahrain, we said: ‘How are we going to do this? How are we going to put performance on the car from our side?’

“It was [clear] that we were going to have to make small gains every weekend.

“Just keep picking off a little gain and a little gain and a little gain while at the same time, not compromising the reliability. That’s what we were seeing.

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“We are in some ways a little bit fortunate that you can see some of those numbers on the dyno, you can do the tests and see how it develops a little bit more energy.

“You can say ‘okay, we are taking that to the circuit’, and it’s comforting to be able to watch that and see it working.”

One of the biggest problems Mercedes was struggling with in 2022 was the bouncing of their cars. Thomas reveals it also put strain on their engines.

“It was becoming very clear that the bottom of the engines were taking a hell of a pounding,” he explains.

“It was quite a surprise to see exactly how hard they were being hit into the ground, and when you saw Lewis and George looking a bit uncomfortable getting out of the cars, the PUs were much the same,” Thomas concluded.

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