Mercedes says the Canadian GP provided development “direction”

© LAT Images for Mercedes-Benz Grand Prix Ltd

Mercedes Technical Director Mike Elliott says the team has found “some direction” with their car, and now has to “turn that understanding into parts” to make their cars quicker.

In Mercedes’ race debrief video, Mike Elliott said the Canadian Grand Prix helped the team find their development direction.

“I think from my point of view what’s really nice is to see a bit more pace from the car on Sunday,” Elliott said.

“Also to find some direction, I think we are starting to understand our issues, we are starting to make strides forward.

“But we are very realistic, we got our feet properly on the ground and we know we’ve got to work really hard from here.

“We’ve got to turn that understanding into parts that we can bring to make the car going quicker and we are trying to do that as quickly as we can.”

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While Elliott admits the result in Canada would have been worse had all the top runners been in contention for the top spots, he still thinks it was well deserved.

“The race team executed really well this weekend. They brought the most we could get from our car in third and fourth place but I think as a team we are realistic with ourselves.

“I think Leclerc wasn’t there, [Sergio] Perez wasn’t there, and we were sort of not gifted that place, because we deserved it, but we would have finished fifth and sixth if they would have been in the running,” the Briton concluded.

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