Mercedes touts ‘racing intent’ document, aimed at preventing intra-team war

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Toto Wolff’s deputy Bradley Lord says Mercedes have “our ‘racing intent’, our shared document that we all buy into as to how we approach races as a team”.

After Lewis Hamilton and George Russell collided at the Qatar Grand Prix, the man standing in for Toto Wolff in Japan and Qatar – Mercedes’ Motorsport Communications Director Bradley Lord – opened up about a document that the team created at the time of fierce battles between Lewis and his former team-mate Nico Rosberg.

The ‘racing intent’ document was designed to establish the ‘rules of engagement’ between their drivers, so that they don’t jeopardise the team’s overall success.

“We have our ‘racing intent’, our shared document that we all buy into as to how we approach races as a team,” Lord said, as quoted by The Race.

“The drivers have bought into that along with everybody else.”

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The team considers it’s experience during Hamilton and Rosberg’s heated battles to be a “great shared experience” that provides “the basis for how we talk about things and move forward”.

However, Mercedes is aware of “the competitive tension between the two drivers” and believes that an intra-team battle for the championship is a “privilege”.

Furthermore, the team actively wishes to “be in that situation again and have those challenges in front of us”, because it means they have developed a car that is highly competitive.

For now, all of the statements coming from Hamilton and Russell after their clash, show that there is no ill will between them, and they are definitely on the same page.

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