Mercedes understands Hamilton needs to earn “super money”

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Mercedes boss Toto Wolff says the team understands the financial demands that come with a “sporting superstar at the peak of his ability”.

There have been rumours going around that Lewis Hamilton’s contract negotiations with Mercedes have run into some issues due to the Briton’s financial demands. However these reports have been denied by both Hamilton and Wolff, and now the Austrian says Mercedes understands that a “sporting superstar” of Hamilton’s calibre comes at a certain financial cost.

“You need to respect that a sporting superstar at the peak of his ability, and at the peak of his career, has a limited lifespan where he is able to earn this kind of super money,” explained Wolff.

“We do respect that and we respect the contribution that Lewis brings to Mercedes both on and off the track.

“Equally, Lewis has always respected that we are Mercedes and there are certain financial realities that are important to us.

“The money side has never been a sticking point. It was more about freedom and his projects. We need to look at what makes him perform best.

“We want the best guy on qualifying on Saturday and in the race on Sunday and that will always be my main focus,” concluded the Austrian.

Source: PA news agency

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