Mercedes: “We want to continue with the same people”

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A Daimler spokesperson put a stop on rumours that the Mercedes F1 team might be sold to INEOS or that Toto Wolff or Lewis Hamilton might leave after 2020.

Recently a lot of rumours have been swirling around about Mercedes’ intention to stay in Formula 1, with British petrochemical giant and current team sponsor INEOS, being linked to a possible buyout. It didn’t help that both Lewis Hamilton and team principal Toto Wolff also haven’t sorted their contracts with the German team beyond 2020.

Although Toto Wolff already already rubbished the rumour, now we get the official word from Daimler.

”We will continue with the team and that will also remain a Mercedes team,” a Daimler spokesperson said.

“We have no intention of selling the team. We want to continue with the same people: Lewis, Valtteri and Toto.

“We don’t have a plan for another team boss.”

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Well, that sounds as definite as it can be, but just to drive the point home, here’s what Toto Wolff had to say.

”People pick up some pieces and make a story out of them, but that’s just put together,” Wolff explained.

“Daimler doesn’t want to sell the team and Ineos doesn’t want to take over. I also don’t want to lose my own shares, so there are already quite a few blockages on the road.”


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