Mercedes will bring “bigger and more visible” upgrades to Silverstone

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Mercedes’ Trackside Engineering Director Andrew Shovlin says “Silverstone is one of the target events” for the team and they hope to “make a step forward”.

Ahead of the British Grand Prix, Andrew Shovlin has promised a more significant upgrade package from Mercedes.

“We have got a package that we’ve been working on,” the Briton told Sky Sports F1.

“And the reality is we have been updating the car pretty much every race, but with fairly subtle updates in the recent ones, trying a few experiments.

“But Silverstone is one of the target events for us, where we’re going to bring a bigger and more visible package, and hopefully we’ll make a step forward – which is what we’ve been trying hard to do for the last few months.

“We’re looking at different front wings, rear wings, there’ll be some changes on the floor. So a few other bits and bobs.

“But a lot of the development this year is going on under the cars, where people don’t see it. But this will be a bit more obvious to those looking.”

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Shovlin added that the team has been making steady progress throughout the 2022 season.

“We’ve been working quite hard to understand those issues and we’ve made a fair bit of progress.

“There are some bits you’re more wary of, others you can probably be a bit sure will deliver as expected.

“But we don’t yet have the level of confidence yet to go back to our old method of operation where we just bolt things on and get on with the weekend.

“We will be checking that this is performing as we hoped it should. We’ve learned quite a lot in recent months. We’re optimistic it will be a step forward, hopefully, the circuit will suit us as well.

“And we have been making progress, it’s just that everyone’s been developing and it’s not been so visible,” Shovlin concluded.

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