Mika Häkkinen: “We saw Lewis saved by the halo device”

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Two-time Formula 1 champion Mika Häkkinen says the “collision between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen was avoidable, and he wants results to decide the championship, “not the number of accidents”.

In his Unibet column Mika Häkkinen gave his thoughts on the Italian Grand Prix crash between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen.

“The collision between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen was avoidable, but when two drivers are fighting for the same trophy they often end up fighting for the same piece of tarmac,” wrote the Finn.

“The Stewards decided Max was mainly at fault, giving him a grid penalty at the next race. A much bigger penalty is that Max did not win the race. To beat Lewis he must out-perform him.

“My old rivals Ayrton Senna and Michael Schumacher were involved in many controversial accidents, but in my opinion it is always best to avoid the other guy and stay focused on winning.

“When you have contact you can never be certain what will happen. Your competitor might have a damaged car, but it can easily be your turn to suffer.

“There is no certainty about crashing into each other. It is so much better to focus on staying flat out, running the best strategy and accepting that you cannot win every race.

“Sometimes 2nd or 3rd is an important result, especially when you are trying to win a World Championship.

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“In Silverstone Max was lucky not to be injured following his high speed collision with Lewis. On Sunday we saw Lewis saved by the halo device.

“Two potentially serious accidents in four races is very concerning because none of us should take safety for granted.  We cannot be complacent.

“This year’s World Championship is fantastic to watch and very close. I want to see Max and Lewis give 100% on every lap, but also wish to see them finish the races and stand on the podium.

“Let the results decide the championship, not the number of accidents.”

Häkkinen also talked about Valtteri Bottas’ amazing performance.

“Valtteri Bottas drove brilliantly at the weekend. Quickest in qualifying, his performance in the Sprint Qualifying event showed how much he was enjoying Monza.

“Forced to start last on the grid as the result of an engine change, his drive through the field looked like fun – and was impressive.

“It was great to see him smiling after the race,” Häkkinen concluded.

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