Montoya says Max “found out the hard way that Lewis no longer lifts for him”

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Former Formula 1 driver Juan Pablo Montoya says we are seeing “a very different” Lewis Hamilton that we “haven’t seen for a few years”.

According to Juan Pablo Montoya, the fact that Lewis Hamilton now drives an inferior car has changed the dynamic between him and Max Verstappen.

“Lewis always had the best car, so he never had to take risks,” Montoya said.

“Over a whole season it would fall his way anyway. Now we see a very different Lewis, one we haven’t seen for a few years. And that’s positive.”

Montoya thinks that the increased challenge from Verstappen has forced Hamilton to take it to the limit sometimes.

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“So I think Max has ensured that we get to see a new Lewis, in that he now has to go the extra mile.”

The fact that Lewis decided not to back down during his close encounter with Verstappen at the British Grand Prix illustrates that point.

“Max, however, was used to a situation where he was the attacking party and others were lifting for him.

“But now he has found out the hard way that Lewis no longer lifts for him,” the Colombian.

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