Most journalists think Hamilton has earned his championship lead

© LAT Images for Mercedes-Benz Grand Prix Ltd asked several prominent F1 journalists to say if they believe Lewis Hamilton deserves his current lead in the championship over Max Verstappen.

In the final two races before the Formula 1 Summer Break Lewis Hamilton obliterated Max Verstappen’s 32 points lead and now sits at the top of the championship standings, 8 points ahead of the Dutchman.

Hall of Fame F1 journalist David Tremayne believes he does.

“Yes, though it could be said that he has been luckier to be there than in previous seasons, especially after Max’s recent run of abysmal fortune,” Tremayne said.

“Neither Lewis nor Mercedes have given up, and even in the second-best car he has maintained an extraordinarily high level of competitiveness that is the mark of a true champion. special contributor Mark Hughes also believes Hamilton deserves the lead.

“Yes, everything’s fair in love and war. There’s no ‘deserve’ in sport, especially F1. It’s warfare without the guns,” Hughes said.

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F1 Digital Presenter Will Buxton also believes the points advantage is well deserved.

“As Kimi Raikkonen is fond of saying ‘You get the points you deserve’,” Buxton said.

“And so you can’t say Lewis doesn’t deserve his title lead. He isn’t in the best car anymore, but his guile, determination and experience have seen him maximise his opportunities and lead a championship he should, by all rights, be nowhere near leading.”

F1 journalist Chris Medland is one of those who think it is not deserved.

“To not sit on the fence: No,” Medland said.

“But that’s not a criticism of Lewis at all, it’s simply due to the fact that Verstappen saw 25 points disappear with his tyre failure in Baku, and was wiped out in Budapest.

“It should be very close, but Max deserves to be leading on the balance of it so far.” Senior Staff Writer Lawrence Barretto thinks Lewis has definitely earned his lead.

“I’m not sure he deserves it, but he has certainly earned it,” Barretto said.

“Hamilton hasn’t faced a threat to his crown like this for years, so he’s having to push himself to yet another level – and grind out results – in a car that for much of the season hasn’t been the best.” Staff Writer Greg Stuart seems somewhat on the fence.

“Hmm,” Stuart said.

“But for genuine bad luck, Max would have won in Baku and could have had a big result in Hungary – while there’s then the thorny issue of Silverstone and that crash.

“Lewis, on the other hand, hasn’t really had any serious issues this year that weren’t of his own making.

“So I’d say on balance, probably not – but that’s not how F1 works, is it?”

And finally Staff Writer Samarth Kanal also believes Hamilton has earned his lead.

“I don’t know about deserve but Hamilton has done everything to ensure he’s fighting for the title and, crucially, you make your own luck.”

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