Nicholas Hamilton: ‘I want to see how far Lewis can take it’

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Lewis Hamilton‘s “number one fan” Nicholas Hamilton comments on his brother equalling Michael Schumacher’s most career wins record.

At the Eifel Grand Prix Lewis Hamilton equalled Michael Schumacher’s most career wins record and is well on his way of equalling the great German’s seven Formula 1 titles record.

Lewis’ brother Nicholas tells Alexis Nunes on the ESPN F1 Podcast how proud he is of his brother’s achievements.

“I’ve been Lewis’ number one fan since day one,” said Nicholas.

“Lewis has millions and millions of fans around the world who say they’re his number one fan, but I would definitely say no-one is a bigger fan than myself.

“I’m so proud of him. To see him develop into an incredible human, from someone from Stevenage not really having a dream or anything, to now being such an amazing athlete and figurehead for the world generally and to be classed this year as one of the most inspirational people of 2020 in the world, it’s incredible.

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“Just one win in a Formula One car is an amazing achievement, but to have done that 91 times and match Michael Schumacher…

“When we were growing up every racing kid wanted to wear a replica of Michael Schumacher’s helmet. Now you go to a local kart circuit and they’re wearing replicas of Lewis Hamilton’s helmet.

“At the time it was ‘I wanna be the next Michael Schumacher’, now it’s ‘I wanna be the next Lewis Hamilton’.

“Which is incredible because we were just a poor Black family from Stevenage, we didn’t really know where we were going. It shows now that any dream can be achieved and any record can be broken is incredible.

“Where can he go? I want to see how far he can take it.

“But I know Lewis won’t be thinking about that, he’ll just be thinking about winning races,” concluded the Briton.

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