Nicholas Hamilton on how Lewis helped him deal with bullying

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Nicholas Hamilton says his brother Lewis‘ advice on how to deal with bullying helped him cope and build character.

In an interview with Sky Sport F1 Lewis Hamilton’s younger brother Nicholas said he was a victim of bullying during his school years due to being in a wheelchair as a result of cerebral palsy. Trying to cope with this he went to his older brother Lewis for advice.

“It was actually my brother that I went to when I first started struggling,” explained Nicolas.

“I said, ‘Lewis, what do I do? I’ve got these kids now just taking the mick out of me being in a wheelchair.

“His answer was that I just need to continue to be myself. He said, ‘if people are laughing at this wheelchair that you’re in, then why don’t we make it cool and do some cool things in it?

“He taught me how to do wheelies and stuff in the wheelchair, and I almost became like a Tony Hawk skateboarder in my wheelchair, I started jumping stairs and trying to be cool.

“That helped me through it. It was a character-building moment, so I’m glad I went through it.”

Despite his limitations Nicholas went on to become a successful racing driver in his own right, competing in the British Touring Car Championship in a specially-modified car.

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