Nicholas Latifi: “That was not my intention”

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Williams’ Nicholas Latifi’s crash created a situation that led to a series of decisions by the FIA that basically gifted Max Verstappen the championship.

Nicholas Latifi played a crucial role in the 2021 championship when he crashed after a scuffle with Mick Schumacher.

This brought out the Safety Car that ultimately cost Lewis Hamilton the championship, albeit with the help from the FIA who were breaking their own rules and not following their own protocols.

After the race Latifi explained how the crash happened.

“I went off the track,” the Canadian said.

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“We were fighting side by side. I mean, he kind of forced me to the outside, but I think it’s fair racing.

“We don’t have to dwell on that for too long, but I got outside the track and the tires were very dirty.”

“This was definitely not how I intended to end the season. My apologies to the team for that.”

Latifi added he did not intend for his actions to be the deciding factor in the championship.

“I don’t know how the race unfolded beforehand, but obviously it created an opportunity at the end.

“That was not my intention,” Nicholas concluded.

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