Nikita Mazepin says he didn’t want to see Hamilton penalised

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Nikita Mazepin says Lewis Hamilton apologized for their Saudi Arabian Grand Prix FP3 incident, and added he wouldn’t want Lewis “to be penalised for something that was together with me”.

Lewis Hamilton and Nikita Mazepin were nearly involved in a crash at the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix FP3. Lewis was driving slowly when Mazepin came up behind him, but thankfully through evasive actions the crash was avoided.

The situation happened due to a mistake on Mercedes’ part, as they notified Lewis too late that Mazepin was approaching.

Both Lewis and Mercedes were summoned by the stewards, and while the Briton received a reprimand, the team was handed a 25,000 Euro fine.

After Qualifying Lewis said he apologized to Mazepin.

“Yesterday in the drivers’ briefing I did say that I think there was a potential for this, so we should probably keep a minimum speed everywhere, like they did for [Turns] 22 to 27, I think it was, but they only did it for 22 to 27,” the Briton said.

“I apologised to Nikita.”

Nikita later also confirmed Lewis apologized.

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“He felt very sorry for what happened, and he said it wasn’t the best job done from their side,” Mazepin said.

“It’s really nice to see the experienced and older generation really paying attention to these things. In F2 you might never get a driver thinking about it, where in F1, the seven-time world champion is.

“So that’s really kind from him.”

The Russian also added he supports Lewis in his title fight and wouldn’t want to be involved in a situation that would jeopardise his title chances.

“I really like Lewis, and I really wish him all the best that I can in his title fight. I wouldn’t want him to be penalised for something that was together with me.

“I’m in my first year in Formula 1. He was probably focusing on his steering wheel adjusters and thinking how to find a bit of lap time for qualifying.

“If the cost was for me not to complete one of my laps in FP3, so be it,” the Haas driver concluded.

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