Norris says Hamilton’s words of encouragement are significant

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Lando Norris says Lewis Hamilton’s words of encouragement after his disappointment at the Russian Grand Prix are significant for him.

After Lando Norris’ decision to stay on medium tyres in the final rainy laps of the Russian Grand Prix cost him the victory, Lewis Hamilton gave some comforting words to the young Briton.

“You didn’t want to come in?” Hamilton asked Norris, and after Lando’s positive response, he said: “Me neither. I was like, ‘He’s right there!'”

Although many drivers comforted the young Briton after the race, he says Lewis’ words hold more significance.

“Lewis was the one who effectively took the race win away from me,” Norris told ITV’s This Morning.

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“Coming from Lewis, because he was the guy I watched growing up, and he’s Lewis, you know, seven-time World Champion…

“To hear what he had to say, because he’s been through many scenarios, probably even worse in some cases…

“I guess in my way it feels worse, because it’s that first win that you just want to really get.

“Many drivers said I did a good job and my time will come, which I obviously heard a lot of, but when it comes from someone that you’ve looked up to, or you know has been through it, then it definitely means a bit more,” Lando concluded.

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