Gasly warns FIA to save drivers “from ending up with a cane” at 30

2020 Italian Grand Prix, Sunday – LAT Images

In spite of Christian Horner’s insinuation that drivers are exaggerating their trouble with bouncing, AlphaTauri’s Pierre Gasly says the FIA shouldn’t make drivers choose “between health and performance”.

After the Azerbaijan Grand Prix, there is more and more pressure being put on the FIA to do something to prevent current F1 cars from bouncing, as it is becoming a health hazard for the drivers.

Although Red Bull team boss Christian Horner has insinuated that the complaints are an attempt from teams to gain an advantage by getting the FIA to sort out their issues, Pierre Gasly, who drives for Red Bull’s sister team AlphaTauri, says it is a real and serious problem.

“I need to find someone to give me a massage,” Gasly said.

“Really, I am extremely tight. Every morning, my cervicals and my upper body, I have never been as tight driving an F1 car and it has never been brutal as this track from the first race I have done in F1.

“Obviously, it is car set-up related. We knew coming here we went quite aggressive but it was pretty intense.”

Gasly then said that even though the teams can choose to sacrifice performance to reduce the bouncing, the FIA should not be forcing them to make that choice.

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“It is not healthy, that is for sure. I have had physio before and after every session, just because my discs are suffering. With literally no suspension, it is going through your spine.

“At the end of the day, the team is saying we can compromise the set-up or compromise my health for performance.

“I always do it because I am a driver and I always go for the fastest car I can but I don’t think the FIA should put us in a corner where you have got to deal between health and performance.

“At the moment, that is the tricky part and it is not sustainable.

“That is why we discussed it at the drivers’ briefing and kind of alerted them on this problem and try to help them to find solutions to save us from ending up with a cane at 30 years old,” Gasly concluded.

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