Piquet’s new racial and homophobic slurs against Hamilton emerge

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Amid Nelson Piquet’s current racist controversy, a new video has emerged in which he uses disgusting racial and homophobic slurs against Lewis Hamilton.

As if things couldn’t get worse, after a video of three-time champion Nelson Piquet using a racial slur against Lewis Hamilton came out, a new video now emerged of the Brazilian using a racial and a homophobic slur when referring to the Briton in a different interview.

A video of Piquet talking on the ‘Motorsport Talks’ YouTube channel in November 2021 has emerged, and in it he was discussing his rivalry with 1982 F1 champion Keke Rosberg.

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After he dismissed Rosberg as being “s*it”, he started berating his son, 2016 F1 champion Nico, by saying he thinks in 2016 “the ‘neguinho’ [Hamilton] was giving more his a** at that time, he was kind of bad”.

As already explained ‘neguinho’ is a Brazilian equivalent to the “N-word”, and according to native speakers, when used in a derogatory way, the term is considered to be racist.

The boyfriend of Piquet’s daughter, Max Verstappen, has recently defended the Brazilian by saying he was “definitely not a racist”, but it appears to be harder and harder to argue in his favour.

You can watch the video below.

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