Ralf Schumacher: “It was clearly not intentional on Lewis’ part”

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Former F1 driver Ralf Schumacher thinks nothing will come out of Red Bull’s request for review of the Hamilton/Verstappen collision and adds he believes it was a racing incident.

Today at 4pm CEST the FIA will allow Red Bull to present new evidence in the Lewis Hamilton / Max Verstappen collision case.

The Austrian team has asked the FIA to review the incident, because they believe Hamilton’s penalty should be increased. However, many current and former F1 personalities are united in their belief the issue was a racing incident.

While Ralf Schumacher says Hamilton’s choice to attempt an overtake at the Copse corner was “a misjudgement”, he also believes it was a racing incident.

“He did it in the wrong place,” Schumacher told Sky Germany.

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“You can argue about the ten seconds. I understand Red Bull. But it wasn’t intentional on Lewis’ part. Just a misjudgement.”

As for Red Bull’s request for review, Shumacher believes nothing will come of it.

“I don’t suspect anything will follow. It was clearly not intentional on Lewis’ part. No driver plays with those speeds. We’re talking about about 290km/h at that point.

“For me, it was a racing incident,” concluded the German.

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