Red Bull cannot be “fully confident” they will not breach 2022 cost cap

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When asked if Red Bull could again breach the cost cap in 2022, Christian Horner said “one can never say that you’re fully confident” there will be no breach.

While Red Bull is still in discussion with the FIA over the team’s 2021 cost cap breach, and with team boss Christian Horner saying that the issue happened due to different interpretation of the regulations, many are wondering if the Austrian team could be heading for another breach in 2022.

At the United States Grand Prix Saturday press conference, Horner was asked if another breach could happen.

“Look, I mean, this year is a challenge with the energy costs and everything else associated with it,” the Briton said.

“If I look at the facts, Max Verstappen has had the least amount of accident damage of any driver on the grid? Sergio Pérez is certainly at the lower end.

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“If I look at the amount of developments compared to some of our rivals we are significantly below that.

“If I look at the quantity of parts that we’re bringing, if I look at where we are in the freight, we’re probably the sixth or seventh team that brings in terms of freight volumes to a Grand Prix.

“So, having been through this process, one can never say that you’re fully confident.

“But you know, I cannot believe when we look at the statutory accounts of others, and so on, that we are in any way out of kilter with the rest of the field,” Horner concluded.

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