Red Bull Ring boss and the local police comment on Austrian GP abuse

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Red Bull Ring boss, the Dutch Grand Prix promoter and the local police comment on reports of racial, sexist and homophobic abuse at the Austrian Grand Prix.

There have been a lot of stories coming out regarding racial, sexist and homophobic abuse perpetrated by some fans at the Austrian Grand Prix.

Since the majority of fans at the Red Bull Ring were Max Verstappen fans, Jan Lammers, the promoter of the Dutch Grand Prix, was asked to comment on the issue.

“It’s terrible, it’s antisocial, it’s immoral,” Lammers told NOS.

Formula 1 announced they have launched an investigation into reports of abuse, so Lammers says he is very interested in its outcome.

“There were 60,000 Dutch fans, so you wonder how many were misbehaving,” he continued.

“Is it 5,000? 10,000? More? During our Dutch GP, I expect that the good fans will keep the bad ones in check.

“But I also want to appeal to people about their personal responsibility and common sense. You are talking about the Verstappen fan here, so Max’s name is being associated with this misconduct.

“So if you behave in a way that Max is ashamed of, then you are just too stupid to understand,” Lammers concluded.

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Despite some female fans even reporting instances of sexual harassment, the Austrian police says there were no official complaints filed.

“With over 300,000 visitors, it was surprisingly quiet,” said Austrian police spokesperson Christoph Grill.

“There were no major incidents.”

Kronen Zeitung report that a private firm was hired to handle security duties at the track.

“We cannot be held responsible for the behaviour of all visitors,” Red Bull Ring boss Erich Wolf said.

“But it’s a shame that apparently not all fans enjoyed a good upbringing.

“The incidents will be processed in close cooperation with the FIA over the next few days and weeks. But we are not going to talk about assumptions.

“First we will work on the issue,” he concluded.

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