Red Bull stands by their legal threats against Mercedes and Ferrari

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Christian Horner says Red Bull stands by their threat of legal action against their competitors who commented on budget cap breach rumours.

The controversy surrounding Red Bull’s alleged 2021 budget cap breach is not dying down. While the FIA is expected to announce the official results of their assessment of the 2021 financial data submitted by all Formula 1 teams, many have already given their comments on the issue.

The most vocal among them have been Mercedes’ Toto Wolff and Ferrari’s Mattia Binotto and Laurent Mekies.

These comments prompted Red Bull team boss Christian Horner to imply that Red Bull is considering taking legal action against those who make ‘defamatory’ claims against the team.

While Wolff dismissed those threats, Horner still stands by them.

“What I said absolutely stands,” the Briton said.

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“Let’s consider all of our options. It is totally unacceptable to make a totally unfounded allegation, and on the basis of what knowledge? What is the source of this information?

“This is a confidential submission between the teams and the FIA. I have no idea of the compliance of any of our rivals. Where does that information come from?”

As for Red Bull’s financial submission, Horner claims he is not worried.

“No, I am absolutely confident in our submission. Obviously, that has been through a process, it went in in March in terms of being signed off fully by our auditors, which are one of the big three.

“We believe we are comfortably within the cap. So the FIA are following their process so we expect, hopefully, this week to hear, not just us but all of the teams, what the outcome is of this process,” Horner concluded.

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