Red Bull won’t lodge a protest against Mercedes

© Jiri Krenek for Mercedes-Benz Grand Prix Ltd.

Throughout the United States Grand Prix weekend Red Bull has raised questions about, what they referred to as, Mercedes’ ‘rear suspension trick’.

Red Bull team boss Christian Horner has suggested that Mercedes’ improved performance at the Turkish Grand Prix was due to a ‘trick’ that lowers the rear of the car, increasing the top speed.

It was reported by Auto Motor und Sport that Red Bull even asked the FIA to take a look at Mercedes’ rear suspension to check if everything was legal.

However, Horner now says his team has no intention to lodge an official protest.

“We’ve never said we don’t think it’s legal, so therefore there’d be absolutely no reason to protest,” the Briton said.

Horner did note that the “system”, as he called it, could play a bigger or smaller role depending on the circuit.

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“It’s something that has been used historically. We’ve seen it with them in the past, but obviously what we saw in Turkey was quite an extreme version of it, which that circuit seemed to allow.

“It will have a greater influence at some tracks than others. It was a reduced effect here [at COTA]. At somewhere like Jeddah, for example, it could be quite powerful.”

Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff has already dismissed Red Bull’s insinuations earlier in the weekend.

“We recognise absolutely that this is a sport where competitors will always try to find out whether there is some kind of silver bullet,” the Austrian said.

“My experience is there is no such thing. It’s always small gains, marginal gains, that have been added and then bring performance.

“And we’re trying to really comprehend our car better and add performance and lap time without listening too much to the noise,” Wolff concluded.

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