Reports give more details on areas where Red Bull overspent in 2021

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Reports have emerged detailing the alleged amounts and areas in which Red Bull has overspent in 2021. reports that they have learned that Red Bull’s 2021 cost cap breach totalled about $1.8 million.

The report also reveals that Red Bull’s team boss Christian Horner was unaware that the FIA will find the team to be in breach of the cost cap, until after the Japanese Grand Prix.

Apparently Horner was informed about this one day before it was publicly revealed on October 10, and the call was made by the FIA’s interim secretary-general for motorsport Shaila-Ann Rao, who was previously Toto Wolff’s special advisor at Mercedes.

Although there is no special significance in this fact, some observers, including Red Bull’s advisor Dr Helmut Marko, have been implying that Rao was leaking information on the cost cap breach. Of course, there is absolutely no evidence to back this serious accusation up. also reported that Red Bull’s overspend happened across four areas – Internal costs related to gardening leave and sick pay ($800k), Catering costs ($1.2 million), as well as use of spare parts and a tax situation with UK authorities.

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According to the report, internal costs have to do with Red Bull’s former head of aerodynamics Dan Fallows, who resigned in mid-2021, to move to Aston Martin.

As is usual in Formula 1, he went on a period of gardening leave, and reports a “well-placed source” told them he was moved away from Red Bull’s F1 operation, into their Advanced Technologies branch.

Apparently the team did not include Fallows in their cost cap documentation sent to the FIA, while the FIA determined he should be included.

The rest of the overspend in this area reportedly happened due to standard sick leave pay for team personnel.

Additionally, reports that another area where the team overspent had to do with spare parts and a rules re-classification on them.

According the report, parts designed for the 2021-spec cars that could not be carried over to the new breed, were originally exempt, but this was changed by the FIA in June of this year, so they had to be included in the budget total. also shot down the rumours that Adrian Newey’s salary had to do with the breach.

As for the tax situation, the report states the overspend is related to potential tax credits and reimbursements from the United Kingdom tax authorities.

Apparently Red Bull has expected a rebate from His Majesty’s Revenue and Customs, but this did not happen, so it added $1.4 million to the budget.

However, says if Red Bull can prove they were expecting a rebate, the FIA might reconsider their position on this figure.

Keep in mind, this is all unofficial information and we can’t confirm that it is entirely true.

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