Rival’s father told Lewis Hamilton he “should just give up”

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During his recent podcast appearance, Lewis Hamilton revealed a rival’s father told him: “You just don’t have it, you should just give up.”

During his appearance on the Jay Shetty’s On Purpose Podcast, Lewis Hamilton opened up on the abuse he received while racing in the junior categories, even from a parent of his rival.

“When I was younger, there was other parents of other racing drivers I was racing against,” Hamilton said.

“I remember this one guy, and he’s like: ‘You just don’t have it, you should just give up.’

“A grown man in his 40s or 50s told me that – and I was eight – told me to my face.

“And I remember just being like: ‘So what am I supposed to do with that? What do you mean, give up?’

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“I would imagine because I was beating his kid.”

Lewis then talked about the discrimination he received even from some of his teachers.

“It’s the same with teachers, you know: ‘What is this crap? You know, you’re terrible at this, you’ll never go to the next set, you’re never going to amount to anything? Why are you even here?’

“I had a teacher told me that and it broke me down so much,” Hamilton concluded.

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